One Small Act of Kindness 8 – The End (Pages 440-end)




The end is quite lovely. Alice and Luke end up together. The only piece that we learn in this part is the reason why she was heading for the hotel when she had the accident. When they had first met, Alice and Luke had talked about everything, and Alice had hinted that she had a friend who was harassed by a former boyfriend, and Luke, guessing that she was talking about herself, had told her that her friend should sort out her business, and if he ever needed help, she should go and stay at the Swan Hotel where there would always be a room for her. That was why Alice was there, and since she had rushed out of the house, fleeing from Gethin, she had nothing with her, no mobile, no money… What I still don’t understand is why Luke didn’t say anything before. He claims that he wanted Alice to remember for herself, but he let Gethin have a claim on her, and Luke never wonders if the baby Alice was expecting was actually his, which is what was true in the end.

As for Libby, Luke finally makes her appearance after her mother goes to see him and tells him a couple of home truths. Libby and Luke get back together, and they finally talk. I think it was really nice of them to finally accept their shortcomings and flaws.


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