One Small Act of Kindness 7 (Pages 415-440)


I love the heart-to-heart conversation between Margaret and Libby.

The latter is thinking about eating humble pie and apologising when her mother-in-law comes to the office and is the one to apologise. In this conversation they speak openly. Margaret confesses to feeling lost without her husband and the changes in the hotel, and Libby tells her that she needs to know that her sons love her and it was because of her that the neighbours of Longhampton helped in the hotel. Margaret and Libby end up sobbing in each other’s arms, and Margaret even tells her that she is the daughter she wished she had had.

Alice is still struggling with her relationship with Gethin, and Libby guesses that she doesn’t love her boyfriend, and she should tell him that she plans to stay in the hotel as she has a job, and then she should explain on some other occasion that she is having a baby and they should work out how to do the co-parenting as friends.

The day of the hotel launch Libby wakes up and is disappointed that Jason hasn’t made an appearance. Alice is almost shaking with nerves about the conversation she is supposed to have with Gethin. Then things don’t go to plan when Luke makes the mistake of mentioning the baby to Gethin, so Alice’s carefully planning is ruined. Gethin almost drags her to the office, and he mentions that Alice must be six months along as they haven’t been intimate since February. Then as Gethin plans to propose to her, Alice panics, and tells her that she can’t marry him. Gethin doesn’t take her response right, and grabs her from the hair, and then Fido barks, trying to defend her, but Gethin kicks her and the little dog is left uncosncious. Then the memories return to Alice, and she realises that Gethin has lied to her all along. They haven’t been a couple for months, and they were just shaing the house as mates, but then she remembers she met Luke, and the day they had the row is because she wanted to leave him as she had realised that they couldn’t continue living together. Gethin wanted more.

Gethin is not a good person, and I’m glad that Alice got her memories back, and it means that the baby is Luke’s. As Alice is begging with Gethin to go and find a vet, someone knocks at the door. It is Luke, and even though Gethin tries to dismiss him, Alice speaks up, telling her that Fido is unconscious after Gethin kicked her and she even says she remembers everything. I think Luke has been a fool for not telling her anything before. Alice understand that he wanted her to remember by herself, but on doing that, Luke has allowed Gerthin to deceive her.

The end is close now. I imagine that sooner or later Jason will turn up, and Alice and Luke will ene up together. And even Margaret will get the grandchild she is longing for.


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