New Book – The Last Kiss Goodbye by Tasmina Perry (Chapters 1-3)


Publishing year: 2015

This novel starts in 1961.

We are introduced to Dominic Blake, a philandering man who edits a magazine. He is a eligible bachelor who women are after. Then at a soiree thrown by Lady Victoria Harbord, he is approached by a Russian diplomat, Eugene, and the last thing we know is that this conversation will change Dominic’s life forever.

At present time we get to know Abby Gordon. Abby works for the cartography institute, and she is not going through her best time. She has recently discovered that her husband Nick has been unfaithful as he had a one-night stand with one of his clients. Abby is furious and hurt, and she is ready to file for a divorce even if her friends tell her that she needs to think everything through. One of her friends, Ginny, is Nick’s sister, so it is difficult for Abby to be open about her feelings. Her friends claim that Abby and Nick love each other very much, and she shouldn’t make a rash decision. One of the reasons I think Abby is so hurt is because she has gone through a lot, trying to get pregnant, including IVF. I imagine that after investing so much in their marriage and their family, this treason feels even worse.

At work Abby is preparing a display of photographs about the greatest British explorers. While going through the slides to find one more photograph, she finds the picture of a man and a woman, clearly in love, and the expression of their faces is so real that Abby wants to know more about them. The man in the photograph is Dominic Blake, and the photograph was taken in Peru, and she later finds out Blake was on an expedition to find Paititi, the lost city of Peru, but he never came back. The woman in the photograph, Abby discovers, is Rosamund Bailey, who was a famous activist of the time. Rosamund could be alive now, so Abby plans to contact her and explore this story that has hooked her interest.

Interesting start. It has all the elements for a good read: romance, mystery…


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