One Small Act of Kindness 6 (Pages 341-415)


Libby has to speed up the renovations when the journalist that was supposed to write an article for the September issue brings her visit forward.

Fortunately, everybody pitches in to have the hotel ready for the visit. The only person who ignores everything is Margaret, who even suggests they should sell the place. The day the journalist visits, Libby thinks things are going as she talks about her dreams and desires for the hotel, but then Margaret spoils everything when she appears with an estate agent, claiming they  have plans to sell the hotel. Libby is outraged as Margaret has made her appear like a liar before the journalist. Then she confronts her mother-in-law, speaking her mind for once.

Then as Luke hears the exchange, he decides to talk to Libby and tells her a secret. His intention is for Libby to understand why his mother is the way she is. He tells her that when Margaret married Donald, she was pregnant with him, but the secret is that Luke’s father was not Donald, but a football star who Margaret had an affair with and then left her high and dry. Then Donald asked her to marry him, and that is why they moved to Longhampton, where nobody knew them. Luke explains that her guilt made her want to make up for her indiscretion, and that was why he focused all her love on Donald and Jason. It didn’t help that Luke rebelled when he realised that no matter what he did, he would never gain his mother’s appreciation. Now Luke understands his mother better after Donald told him the truth about his origins. I can’t say I understand Margaret and I don’t feel sympathetic towards her. The way she treats Luke is so unfair, and whatever her reasons, he is still her child, and she never finds anything good to say, even preferring a stranger like Gethin over her own son!!!

After the whole episode with the journalist, Libby finally talks to Jason and they meet. Jason is down on the dumps, and he feels like a failure. Libby tries to reassure him, which I think shows how much she loves him. After all, he is the culprit of their problems, and instead of admitting his responsibility and trying to come up with a solution, he just walked out, leaving his wife alone to shoulder the problem. Libby even goes as far as to ask him to return, but Jason is unsure as he has some kind of identity problem. When she leaves, she asks him to come to the party they are throwing for the opening, but Jason doesn’t make promises.

As for Alice, she has discovered that Gethin lied to her about her dog. When she and Luke were walking Bog, a white dog rushed to her, and in that moment she realised that this was her dog. The woman looking after Fido tells her that Fido has been in the shelter for over six weeks, and they couldn’t contact her as the details in the dog’s chip are outdated, so the address thay had for Alice was her old one. When Alice later confronts Gethin, he says he decided to tell her the lie as at the time she had got upset when Fido got lost, so he wanted to spare her the pain. I don’t know if I trust him. There is something too clingy about him, and I think he isn’t telling her everything. Alice is also keeping her secrets. She hasn’t told him that she is pregnant. It is clear that he doesn’t love him, and however much she tries, she can’t really make these things happen. With Luke everything is so different. As soon as he turns up, she feels really drawn to him. Alice suspects that something happened with Luke and has even asked him, but for some reason or another they always get interrupted. I really hope that the baby is Luke’s and not Gethin, even though this will mean Alice has been unfaithful. I have to say I don’t like Gethin, and I have the hunch that there is still something that Alice needs to learn about her boyfriend.


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