One Small Act of Kindness 5 (Pages 281-341)



The men in this book leave a lot to be desired. The first one is Jason. He is the one responsible for messing things up, and then what he does is walk out and leave Libby to sort out problems. He doesn’t call or text to enquire about things, and the only time he turns up is to get some of his clothes, he doesn’t even ask her if she is all right or how she is coping  with things. And the worst thing is that when Libby told Margaret about what Jason had done not only now but when he lost his job, the woman blames Libby!!! He told her that Jason felt the need to risk his money because Libby is too greedy and wants nothing but exclusive stuff. From then on the two women keep their distance. Libby tries to talk to her mother-in-law, but Margaret gives her the cold shoulder.

Thankfully, Libby is doing her best to deal with the situation. One of the women in the Pets as Therapy association, Gina, is a project manager, so encouraged by Alice, Libby asks the woman for advice. Gina is generous, and she and Lorcan, her carpenter tell Libby how to economize and finish the hotel works. Still, Libby doesn’t have money even if Gina and Lorcan are giving her a good price, using the hotel as good training practice for their apprentices. What Libby eventually does is talk to her friend Erin, and this time she is honest about her situation, and she feels relieved to be able to unload her soul. The problem with Libby is that she cares too much about what other people think, and in a heart-to-heart conversation with Alice, the woman tells her that she should care about herself and nobody else. Now when she talks to Erin on the phone, Erin is sympathetic and she doesn’t hesitate when Libby asks her for a loan.

As for Alice, I am starting to dislike Gethin. I find he is too possessive and the way he tries to get her away from Libby and the hotel is not right. I still think he is not telling her everything. Alice discovers that she had a dog, and Gethin tells her that the little dog is dead, run over by a bus. I have the feeling that he is not telling her the truth. And now after her visit to the hospital, she has mentioned that she has missed a period. So when she tells Libby, they buy a test and comes up positive. Alice is pregnant, and in that moment Luke appears and realises what is happening, and then he storms out again. I wonder what the story with Luke is. I am positive that something happened with Luke, and what if Luke is Alice’s baby’s father. So if something happened, why doesn’t Luke say anything?



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