One Small Act of Kindness 2 (Pages 29-106)


The two female characters are brought together by the accident.

Libby feels the need to visit the woman who was in the accident, and even though she doesn’t remember her own name, they click. The amnesic woman decides to call herself Pippa, and she is grateful for Libby’s visits as a week after the accident she has not remembered anything and nobody seems to have missed her. So who is this woman? What is she doing in Longhampton? And now come she was heading for Libby’s hotel without a bag, her purse, money, or a mobile phone? And how come nobody has reported her missing? I have the hunch that the reason why Pippa is in Longhampton has to do with the Corcorans. I have no idea why, but I think it might be to do either with the late Donald or even Jason.

As for Libby, there are secrets in her as well. She and Jason have not told anyone the reason why they left London and decided to run the family hotel. We know that Jason didn’t resign, but was sacked from his job for something that he did. That triggered terrible rows in the couple, and they even hurled each other very hurtful accusations. They managed to make up and apologise to each other, but Libby is still working on their marriage. Libby has even made up a grander story for her friends in London about the hotel she and Jason are taking over, so those friends think that the hotel is some kind of posh establishment when in reality they are struggling to get the funds to refurbish the building which has too many cracks and flaws. I have to say that I don’t like this secrecy and lies from Libby, and pretending to be someone you are not will only mean deceiving herself.

I am also intrigued by Margaret, Jason’s mother. She is not the easiest woman to deal with as she has very fixed ideas how to run her hotel, but Libby manages to handle her well. What intrigues me is how she doesn’t hide the fact that Jason is her favourite son, and whenever Libby mentions something about Luke, Margaret’s older son, the woman always has something negative to say. Libby thinks that it is unfair of her to discriminate her eldest son in favour of her younger one. We know that Luke had a period when he went off the rails in his young years, but now he is a serious, responsible worker, but his mother doesnt’ see it like that. I imagine that there is something more there than meets the eye.

Now as Pippa is going to be discharged from hospital, the social services have been called, and she has been told she is to be living in a hostel. Pippa is appalled, thinking that she will have to be living alongside victims of domestic abuse, drugs or other terrible situations. It is when the social worker is announcing what is going to happen that Libby turns up and she offers to take in Pippa and have her stay in the hotel. The social worker doesn’t see any problem, so at once Libby tells her husband and Margaret, and now they are getting ready to receive Pippa. I think this could be interesting. If Pippa was actually coming to the hotel to see Libby and Jason before the accident, it is likely she will remember, and i have the hunch that this won’t problem-free.


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