New Book – One Small Act of Kindness by Lucy Dillon (Pages 1-29)


Publishing year: 2015

I have enjoyed the other books by Lucy Dillon I have read, so I am sure I am going to like this one.

In the couple of chapters I have read, we are introduced to Libby Cormoran, who after her father-in-law died of a massive heart attack, she and her husband Jason decided to leave their life in London and take over the hotel that Margaret, Jason’s mother, was unable to run any longer.

When we are introduced to Libby, she is quite harried as the hotel is in the middle of refurbishment, and she is having problems with reservations as her mother-in-law tend to accept bookings without writing them down. Another point that she and Margaret don’t see eye to eye is the fact that Libby doesn’t understand how they could agree to have dogs staying int heir hotel while Margaret insists that their hotel has always been dog-friendly.

That morning while she is dealing with some clients, there is a terrible noise, and when Libby rushes outside, she notices there has been an accident. A mini has run over a young woman, who lies on the road unconscious. There is no identification, and the police tells her later that the woman had no phone or bag with her, and the only thing they found was her and Jason’s name and the hotel address written on a piece of paper, so the woman intended to call there.

The next chapter the woman comes round after two days, but she can’t remember much. She doesn’t remember her name, where she lives, or why she is in Longhampton. She is even shown the piece of paper with Jason’s and Libby’s names and address on, but the woman has no idea who they are. The hospital staff has started calling her Jo, so she tells herself that she will be Jo for the time being. I am intrigued about her. Who is this woman? I think there is a reason why she wanted to see Jason and Libby, but I have no idea why. Is it something to do with Jason? Did she have an affair with him? I don’t think so because when he saw her hurt, he didn’t show any signs of recognising her. Or maybe she might turn out to be related to Jason – his late father could have had a child that his wife knew nothing about. I don’t know about this either as one of the few things she remembers is that her parents are dead. And why would she want to see Jason and Libby, and not Margaret? This is quite intriguing.


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