Seeing Other People 3 (Pages 102- 122)


Joe is so worried about his seeing his late ex-girlfriend that he consults a doctor.

It is not his GP he goes to see as he fears his doctor will have him sectioned in the very least. So he talks to a doctor he uses for his reports, and when Joe explains he is writing an article about a man who is suffering from hallucinations and explains the whole thing, the doctor tells him he has never known a similar case. His advice is that his alleged friend should go to his doctor which will probably prescribe anti-depressants.

Things keep getting complicated as Joe is snubbed by his friends. His male friends are close to Penny, and when he visits his best friend Mitchell, he is kicked out of the house by Mitchell’s wife, Katie, who doesn’t want her husband to hang out with a wife cheater like Joe. So apart from losing his wife, Joe is losing all his friends.

Then as he buying some alcohol to swallow his misery, he runs into Van, the big bald man who he used for his article about divorced dads. The man tells him that he and the other two dads have become friends, and Joe should give them a call and meet them for a drink. Joe has no desire to do so, but when loneliness gets to him in the end, he ends up calling this peculiar group of men. There is Van, a New-Zealander who has a rock band, and now is going through chemo for his cancer. His wife left him when he cheated on her with a groupie. The second man is Stewart, a chubby guy, whose wife took his children to her native Thailand, and he hardly see them. And Paul lives with his two children, but his wife makes life really difficult for him. We can see that these men are lonely, and as they speak about their situations, I bet that Joe fears what is ahead of him if Penny doesn’t forgive him.

If what Fiona told Joe is true, and this is not real but some kind of vision about what-if, Joe is really going to realise what terrible consequences await him if he ruins his marriage for a simple indiscretion.


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