The Body in the Library 2 (Chapters 7-9)



Miss Marple has arrived in the Majestic. Sir Henry Clithering, who we saw him in other books, has been talking to Conway Jefferson after the man summoned him. Conway wants him to investigate Ruby’s death, and Sir Henry tells him that the person who could help him is Miss Marple, who Sir Henry considers an expert in crime and human nature.

The investigating inspectors are collared by George Bartlett, the guest who Ruby last danced with. He tells them that his car has disappeared and is not where he left him. The man is quite loopy and doesn’t even remember when he last saw the car. Shortly afterwards the inspectors are informed that a car has been found, totally charred and with human remains inside. This is a very important detail and is clearly linked to the case. As I’ve read the book before, I know this is a key to solve the case. The human remains that have been found in the car actually belongs to Ruby as the woman found in the library is not her. There are actually two crimes, and as soon as the identities are solved, everything will point at the person who identified Ruby in the first place: Ruby




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