The English Girl 3 (Chapters 17-23)


Stella is getting more daring.

She feels free to pursue her passion and love for Henri. She doesn’t hold back, and lets herself carry away. They visit all important places in Vienna every weekend, and they make love wherever they like. I really hope that Henri is true to his word and is taking precautions, because if Stella were to fall pregnant, she would lose everything. Stella has realised she is quite possessive and gets jealous when Henri looks at other women. I wonder whether Henri is trustworthy or he will get tired of her eventually.

Stella is learning a little more about Verity Miller, her predecessor. From Janika she learns that Verity wrote letters to Lukas, which is something he is still expecting, but Marthe kept the letters from her son, thinking they would make her upset. I am as curious about Verity as Stella. Did she go in disgrace? Maybe she got pregnant?

Stella is also realizing that Marthe is so different from her. When some men come to see Rainer for some kind of meeting, Stella is agog with curiosity, but Marthe answers her questions succinctly, telling her that women have a place on earth and they shouldn’t bother themselves with manly matters like politics. She even tells her that she doesn’t approve of women who try to do the same as men. From this conversation it is clear that Stella despises Stella’s opinions, and her thoughts go as far as to tell her that Marthe is not the right wife for Rainer, as he needs a more modern and stronger woman. Does she mean herself?


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