Barefoot 9 – The End (Pages 287-end)




The ending is quite emotional. Or at least, it made me quite teary.

Thankfully, Vicky survives, but her road to recovery is not easy. After her chemo, Vicki is told that the tumour has shrunk and she has many possibilities to heal after she goes through surgery. Despite these reassurances, she is still scared and is obsessed with death. Soon she is afflicted by terrible headaches, and the pain is so excruciating that she can’t even open her eyes. Her doctor tells Ted, who is now on holiday with Vicki, that she should go to the hospital for a MRI, but Vicki refuses. What she does is survive in painkillers, and when she and the family are on their way to celebrate another picnic, she becomes unconscious. The family fears that the cancer is now in her brain, but thankfully, it is not the case. The problem has been that Vicki has over-medicated and her worries have also added up to her condition. In the last chapter Vicki comes to her therapy group to say she is a survivor, but things have not been easy. After surgery, pain was constant in her life, and now that she only has a lung, she gets out of breath easily and any single action becomes an odyssey. Yet, she feel victorious as she will be there for her children and husband, and she admits that she can’t be the person she was before cancer, because she’s completely changed

Brenda has also changed as after the summer, she has understood something. Money and a career are not as important as the people who you love. Thinking she was going to lose her sister made her realise that. It is that moment that pushes her to call Walsh, and he surprises her by turning up on Nantucket the following day. She realises that her problems are not as terrible as she thought. Walsh is not a secret any longer, and her family seem to like him very much. So in the end she also has her happy ending with the man she loves, and she even has offers for her screenplay.

As for Melanie and Josh, he finally decides to break up with her when Peter turns up on Nantucket. Melanie is not happy about her husband being there, especially as she knows it will cause problems with Josh, who has changed her and made this summer unforgettable. Josh gets jealous, but he knows that however badly Peter has treated Melanie, he is still her husband, and they will have to part ways anyway. Josh ignores her in the following days. Then tumultuous events take place. Vicky takes ill, and then Didi dies of an overdose. Losing Didi makes Josh also re-assess his feelings. Even though he is sorry about Didi’s death, he knows he is relieved that it is not Vicki who passed away. So he realises that these three women have become his family and have changed him. So he calls Melanie, and they meet and talk. Melanie tells her that she will return to Peter because he is her husband and her baby’s father. Although Melanie knows she has never felt as alive as she has been in the summer with Josh, she can’t do much else. Josh is young and has a life to live, and she needs to think of her baby. In the end, Melanie has a baby girl, and somehow Josh has learnt about her birth, and even though they come unsigned, Melanie knows that the simple flowers she gets at hospital are his, and the message accompanying them makes her sob. His words are simple: “She is beautiful”

I really enjoyed the book. I loved these three women with their problems and different personalities. The one I liked the least was Melanie as she was quite foolish at the beginning, but I ended up warming up to her. And I also love little Blaine. He was a great child with such a dominating personality in the book. I wish we had seen more of him


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