Barefoot 7 (Pages 220-272)


Josh is surprising us.

So far he has been quite independent and self-assured. In his relationship with Didi, he has had no compunctions to leave her behind, and I think he never liked her for real. Now things have changed. I was wrong. After the scene with Melanie on the bench, I thought Melanie had regretted making a pass at him and had stopped things. They really went all the way, and in that moment they became lovers, and they meet regularly on the sly. They are very careful not to be found out. Melanie is blissful, and Josh is also quite taken. They both know that they only have this summer, as after the summer Melanie will return home and Josh will go to college. Despite this, Josh feels more and more drawn to Melanie, and when she tells him about her husband, Peter, Josh gets jealous. Now Peter knows about the pregnancy. Melanie herself told him, and I think the change came because Melanie doesn’t care about Peter any longer. She has a new love, and what happens with Peter is not important. I wonder what will happen with Melanie and Josh eventually. Their affair has been discovered as one night when they were together, they were discovered by Didi’s brother, so Didi knows, and the silly girl now starts calling the cottage. I have no idea what her intention is, and if her involvement might cause problems. I imagine that Melanie will be found out sooner or later. Both Vicki and Brenda have noticed she is now happier and more cheerful. Vicky chalks it up to the baby, but Brenda is more suspicious.

Vicki is now feeling better. She is afraid as she doesn’t want to get her hopes up. I really hope that Vicky is in remission for real, and she can defeat her cancer. Her children and husband need her, and it will be a real downer to have her die after we have grown so fond of her.

As for Brenda, we learn more about her affair with John Walsh. They hooked up after Brenda got another disappointment with Erik, the man who had been her friend since she was a child. Brenda had always been in love with Erik, and that night he announced he was going to propose to his girlfriend and Brenda even let her feelings out, crying before Erik and feeling humiliated. When she returned to her flat, John Walsh was waiting for her, and she didn’t hesitate. From that moment they became lovers, and Brenda loved every minute of it. They were careful, but as time went by, they relaxed, even kissing in one classroom once. Then Brenda attends a luncheon for the department, and there she gets to meet some of the lecturers that worked different hours. One of them is Bill Franklin, and when they meet, she thinks he looks familiar. Then to her horror she remembers that this is the man who tried to chat her up, buying her a drink, the night when she first made out with John. So after realising who he was, Brenda panicked, thinking that the man will report her and she will lose her job and career,which is what happens eventually. I wonder how she was found out. Did Bill Franklin report her, or maybe it was someone else who also saw them together? I have the hunch that the snitch is someone else, and they were seen kissing in the classroom.


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