Barefoot 6 (Pages 209-220)


I feel so sorry for Vicki.

It seems as if she has given up. She is afraid to leave her sons motherless, and there is a beautiful scene in which she observes the boys sleeping in each other’s arms, and her thoughts about them are heartbreaking. Feeling miserable and stressed, she slips out of bed, leaves a note, and goes for a walk to the lighthouse. She manages to reach the place even though she is wheezing and out of breath. Then Ted finds her there, and then there is a beautiful heartbreaking scene with Ted crying, begging for her not to leave her. Yet, Vicki can’t promise anything, and she really believes she is going to die.

Then on Monday Vicki is running a fever and her white cell count has fallen. So the doctor is extra concerned. Brenda has taken her to the hospital and is waiting for her, but she has no idea what is going on. There in the toilet she has a nasty encounter with Didi, Josh’s ex- girlfriend. Didi boldly asks her if she and Josh are sleeping together, and when Brenda refuses to answer the question, Didi gets really nasty, accusing her and Vicki of sleeping with Josh. That makes Brenda remember her indiscretion with John Walsh. We know from her memories that she had met him for a drink and they had kissed, but she had believed that was everything there was to be. Yet, the next time she saw him in class, she got jealous of the attention her female students paid to him, so feeling challenged and in some sense of pride, she decided she was going to be the one to get him. So she gave him a note with her address in him. She knew the kind of danger this meant for her career, but never would she have imagined that it would lead her to face justice.


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