Barefoot 4 (Pages 67-105)


Thankfully, silly Melanie doesn’t go away.

There are not tickets available, so she has to return to the cottage with the tail between her legs. Josh gives Melanie a lift to the cottage, and I have the impression that Melanie likes Josh a bit too much even if she doesn’t know him and he is much younger.

The woman Josh is interested in is Brenda. They run into each other in the hospital when Brenda takes Vicki for her chemo. Josh is there to lend some money to Didi, his on-and-off girlfriend. We know that the relationship between him and Didi is quite peculiar. He doesn’t like her any longer as Didi is too clingy, drinks too much, and is unreliable. Yet, she keeps calling him for sex, and she is difficult to sidestep. Now as Didi asks her for money, promising that she won’t be bothering him again, Josh agrees to lend him the money. Didi works in the hospital, so it is when Josh takes the money to Didi that he runs into Brenda, who is looking after the children. As they talk, she mentions that they are looking a babysitter – Vicki has agreed to hiring one – and Josh surprises Brenda, volunteering to do the job. He doesn’t want to keep working at the airport, and the money Vicki will be paying will be more than what he was making. Brenda is surprised by his suggestion, but he eventually convinces her that he is right for the job, and Vicki later is okay with it as well. I wonder if Josh’s motivations to look after the children is the money or a reason to know these women’s secrets or just to be close to Brenda. He is clearly fascinated by these women and thinks that there is a story there to tell, so I am inclined to believe that this is the main reason why he wants the job.




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