Barefoot 3 (Pages 43-67)


I have to say that I don’t like Melanie very much.

She is obsessed with a man who doesn’t give a fig about her. Because of her obsession, she doesn’t watch Blaine on the beach as Vicki had asked her, and the boy goes missing. Vicki goes through the worst while her son is lost for thirty minutes, but thankfully, a policeman finds him. Apparently, he kept walking along the beach alone. I think that Vicki is too soft with Melanie. Well, accusing her friend viciously wouldn’t have made things better, but Vicki admits that if it had been Brenda looking after Blaine, she would have been much harder.

Melanie is definitely a doormat. When they go back to the cottage after the fright of losing Blaine, she keeps calling Peter at work, at home, on her mobile phone, and leaving messages, begging him to call. Then she calls his lover and he is there. He clearly has no interest in talking to her, and he has no shame. I hate the man, and Melanie is nothing but a fool. After the tense phone call, she makes a decision. She is going back home, confront Peter and tell him that she is going to have a termination, and she doesn’t even talk to Vicki. Melanie is definitely not my favourite character. After all she went through to become pregnant, she is going to have an abortion!!! Just because she feels rejected by Peter!!! Silly woman!!!

Brenda and Vicki are not getting along, and this is not strange as we get the impression that is the way they have always been. Brenda promised she would look after the children, but Vicki realises she is trying to get out of it so that she can work on her screenplay. The last straw is when someone calls after Brenda put up an advertisement for a babysitter, so when Vicki realises what her sister has done, she can’t keep quiet and both sisters have a tremendous fight. During this fight, Brenda brings up Melanie and how she is not much help but rather another problem, and this is another reason why Melanie leaves.

Even though I don’t like Melanie much, I hope she doesn’t leave and has the abortion she intends. She needs to learn that she can’t pander to Peter like that. She needs to take a stand and realise that Peter is one of those men who are not worth the pain. What she needs to understand that she is her own woman now, and she is perfectly capable of looking after her baby.


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