The Ballroom Class- The End (Pages 359-end)




I really enjoyed the end. As Ross becomes more and more distant in their new arrangement, Katie feels lonely and dejected. Her conversations with Jo and Angelica make her see the situation from a different point of view. Jo assures her that it is not too late to fix things, and Angelica, guessing that Katie thinks that Ross is in love with Jo, assures her that they are only friends. She has seen Katie and Ross together, and even when they are not dancing together, Ross can’t keep his eyes off her. Angelica gives her one of her dancing dresses and suggests Katie could learn tango. They do that during her lunch break, and Angela assures her that this is her dance and she is a natural. Then after she has been learning the dance for a while, she is surprised to find Angelica dancing with a man who she doesn’t recognize. When Angelica tells her she has found her a dancing partner, Katie is reluctant as she only wants to dance with Ross. It is Ross the man she saw before, and when they start dancing, there is sensuality and passion in their steps, and when the dance finishes, they kiss passionately. Ross admits that he has been taking classes, and Katie begs for forgiveness. She has realised that she hated herself so much for being an absent mother that she projected that hatred to Ross. I loved that scene. Katie and Ross are my favourite couple, even though I have to say I didn’t like Katie much at the beginning.

Katie is intent in saving the Memorial Hall, and with Bridget’s help they are moving people to request the building get listed and prevents its demolition. Katie has felt that saving the building was like saving her marriage. It was a special place. So Angelica and the dance class organize a function to fund the repairs, and Katie and the others are to perform their dances. During this dance we learn that Katie and Ross are working on their marriage and continue going to counselling. Ross and Jo are setting up an online company, and Katie intends to reduce her working days to four. As for Bridget and Frank, they finally talk about the debt, and Frank is so understanding. Chris and Lauren are not marrying yet, as Lauren has realised that she feels like Chris and wants to wait a while before tying the knot.

As for Angelica, we learn that her birth parents are Peggy and Baxter, the elderly couple who attended the classes. They were there for her, and not because they needed lessons. Peggy tells Bridget that when she was a young girl, she got pregnant but Baxter was doing his National Service in Germany, so her mother sent her with an aunt and when the baby was born, she was given in adoption. It is obvious that in the end Peggy and Angelica talk during the function, and from then on Angelica frequently visits Peggy and Baxter. That is not the only surprise Angelica gets as one day someone knocks at her door. It is Tony, the man she had loved so much, and he tells her that he had seen her in the newspaper. He says she is a woman difficult to find, and that means he has tried to locate her for a while.

I really enjoyed the book. I couldn’t put it down. I loved the stories about the characters; they were so real and engaging.


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