New Book – Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand (Pages 1-8)


Year of publication: 2007

Three women arrive in Nantucket with their different problems.

Brenda Lyndon is an English professor, but she was fired from her college after having an affair with a student. It is not a case of her taking advantage of a young student; actually, John, the student, is thirty-one while Brenda is only thirty, but apparently, liaisons between professors and students are forbidden. The second problem is that Brenda is accused of vandalising a work of art that hung in the English department, and she faces criminal charges.

Her sister Vicki has come in Nantucket with her children, four-year-old Blaine, and a baby. The problem with Vicki is that she has lung cancer, and Brenda thinks that being on the island instead of New York could help her sister get her health back.

The third person in the group is Melanie Patchen. Melanie is Vicki’s friend, and she also has problems of her own. She and her husband have been trying to have a baby for years, and there have been seven failed attempts at IVF. Then Melanie discovered that her husband was having an affair, and when Vicki asked her to come along with her and her sister, Melanie discovered that she was pregnant, and she has left the city without telling her husband she is expecting a baby.

The start seems very interesting. I’m raring to discover more about these women!!!


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