Barefoot 2 (Pages 8-43)


Things are not going very smoothly.

It is clear that Brenda and Melanie don’t get on well. Brenda is opinionated and isn’t very tactful about her views. She has clearly implied that she doesn’t think much of Melanie as the woman didn’t kick out her husband as she should when she first learnt that her husband was cheating on her. I think Melanie is quite weak and can been appeared as a doormat. Even though Peter has been seeing another woman and even told her that he has no intention to stop the affair, Melanie didn’t stand up to him. Thankfully, leaving their home for Nantucket is something even though her reasons are not about her making a stand to Peter but her fear that he could discover her pregnancy. She is still in love with Peter, and she wants him to come to her because she wants and not because of the baby. I think Melanie needs to grow some backbone because this relationship is not good for her. It is not healthy. When Peter calls angry and Brenda takes the call and forgets to tell Melanie, she gets upset, upbraiding Brenda for not telling her and fearing that Peter might be angry with her. Naturally, Brenda doesn’t understand Melanie’s attitude, and I really hope that she learns something in this trip.

I feel so sorry for Vicki. We learn that she used to be on top of everything, and now she can’t control what matters most, her life. She has fled to Nantucket as she couldn’t bear people fussing over her, the pitiful looks, and the charity. I really hope that she gets better, especially as she has two little children.

Apart from these women, there is a fourth character, who was actually the first one we met in the book. It is Joshua Flynn, a young man who works in the airport but aspires to be a writer. Josh lives alone with his father as his mother committed suicide when he was twelve. He has come in contact with the women when Brenda lost the suitcase where she had the book on which her whole career has been based on and which she hopes will be her passport to a new beginning. Josh found the suitcase and took it to Brenda. Before that, he was already intrigued by the three women, feeling that there was a story there. I imagine that Josh will have further contact with these three ladies other than this brief exchange. I wonder what his role will be. He is quite young, twenty-two, and even though he has been charmed by Brenda’s effusiveness, I don’t think there is romance in sight.


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