The Ballroom Class 2 (Pages 95-117)


We know a little more about Angelica.

Her parents were not very young when they had her. Her mother was 39 and her father ten years older. Angela, as her parents called her, was their little miracle, and that is why her mother called her their little angel. Both her parents were keen on dancing, but it was Angela, encouraged by her mother, who pursued a career in London. From very young Angelica knew that she couldn’t stay in Longhampton and couldn’t settle to the kind of life the other girls aspired to. So she went to London without looking back. She feels she never had a relationship with her parents, and it was when her mother fell ill that they reconnected. She took her to her flat in Islington where she looked after her for several years until the woman died. Now she is back to the town where she swore she would never return to.

We know that Angelica had a relationship with someone called Tony, but for some reason they aren’t together now, and she doesn’t even know where Tony is. I have the impression that Angelica must have suffered some accident that stopped her career, and that is why she is back in Longhampton. Actually, Lauren, who works at the local surgery as a receptionist, felt curious to see that Angelica had an appointment, but she is in the dark about what the matter is with Angelica. I hope it’s nothing serious, and I have the hunch the problem is some injury that made her leave her career.


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