Since I don’t Have You – The End (pages 343- end)



The end is not happy, but it is not sad either.

Rachel finally get together with Palmer, and they decide to move from Oia, to another town in Santorini. When she goes back to London and tells her mother, Alyssa surprises her by telling her she will visit her in the future. She also tells her about how her sister died. She wasn’t at home because she was having an affair with the man she worked for, and when the earthquake started, he kicked her out of the house, fearing his wife would discover the affair. That was why Foena was outside and died.

As for Oliver, he and Jen get married, and at the end of the book when Rachel goes to the girls’ graduation, she discovers Jen is pregnant. She has gone a long way, and she doesn’t feel bitter. She only misses her little daughter, who should have been there with her friends.

I enjoyed the book, but some parts were a bit slow and dull. I have to say I skipped some pages as I wanted to read about Rachel and the relationship with those she left behind than her life in Santorini. I think that part was not explored enough, but naturally, with Rachel’s decision to become isolated, it was not possible to see the struggles of her loved ones. I liked the book, but I enjoyed “The Second Husband” much more.


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