Since I don’t Have You 2 (pages 27-43)


I just knew that this wasn’t leading to anything good.

I was even pretty sure that something would happen to little Emma. I was right. The last day before term break Emma goes to a field trip to Kew gardens with her classmates. Rachel, Jen, and Meriel go to pick them up at the school gate. When they are there, there is a commotion. The bus which the girls were travelling on had an accident. Rachel and the others rush to the place. It is absolutely gridlock, and they see the horrible state in which the bus has been left after the accident. Jen and Meriel find their daughters, and Rachel overhears that there have been two dead people, and as her whole being fears the worst, she finds the teacher with a policewoman, who tell her that Emma was travelling in the front of the bus as she was sick, and the impact caused her serious injuries in her head, and the doctors have been unable to do anything. Poor Rachel. I can imagine that the impact this will have in her life will be terrible. I can guess that her marriage won’t survive something like this as her husband seems to be absent when she has needed him the most. In any case, as I mentioned in the previous entry, theirs is not a real marriage any longer as what should be the base of any relationship is lost. I know that this book won’t be easy to read as the subject is quite harsh, but I am intrigued to know what the consequences of this little girl’s death will be for Rachel and everybody in her life.


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