Perfect Strangers 6 (Pages 267-289)



I was right. The key is in the book that Peter gave his daughter. When Sophie retrieves it from her room in the hotel, neither she nor Josh can find the clue. There is a name she thought was the owner, and some numbers that seemed to be a date. These two details might have the location of the money, but they don’t know how to crack the meaning.

Lana thinks that if someone can help them, it is Miriam Asner, the wife of the man responsible for the Ponzi scheme. Josh and Sophie knock at her door, but the woman doesn’t know anything about her late husband’s business and dealings, and she has no idea what the name and the numbers in the book mean. I have the hunch that the money might be hidden in the boat Peter Ellis owned. We learn that Peter and Michael met at Oxford University, and they became friends as they were both very different from the upper-class students that surrounded them. It is around this time that they bought the boat, the Iona, together and they promised they would set up a plan that made them rich and thus surpass his toffee-nosed mates. Then years later Peter bought Michael out of the boat, and then they fell out.  Miriam Asner doesn’t know the reason why these two best friends drifted apart, but she has always thought it was because of the boat. So the boat that seemed to feature so much in their lives could be the place to hide the money.

After Josh and Sophie leave Miriam’s house, they get another nasty surprise. The Russians have found them, and they are once again chased after. I imagine that these men have been sent by Uri, the man who killed Michael Asner in jail. So what do they know? How do they intend to find out the truth about the money?


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