Perfect Strangers 4 (Pages 212-224)


Sophie and Josh manage to make their way to Cannes.

There they speak with the wine merchant that used to do business with Nick. Josh pretends he is Inspector Ian Fox, using the card the police officer gave Sophie. The information that Josh wheedles out of the man is that Nick’s partner was a woman called Sandrine Bouvier, the most important wine maker of the area. So I imagine that will be the next stop for Sophie and Josh.

As for Ruth, she gets a bitter disappointment. After a terrible fight with her boyfriend, David, she decides to surprise him, but the surprise is for her. When she reaches his flat, he finds her in the bathtub with a woman. Naturally, Ruth packs her things, intending to leave, and David has the nerve to imply that his unfaithfulness is Ruth’s fault. What a moron!!! What she naturally doesn’t understand is why David asked her to move in with him if he was in a relationship with this other woman, but the man doesn’t even have an explanation. Poor Ruth. She acts all confident and bossy, but I think that deep down she is quite vulnerable. I have to say that I really like Inspector Fox as a love interest for Ruth, and I really hope that they hook up in the end.

We still don’t have many answers to the multiple questions that Nick’s murder sparked. I am still at a loss about who might have killed Nick. I imagine it must be the Russians that are after Sophie. But what do they want?



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