Perfect Wives (Chapters 22 – The End)




The end shows Jodi and Francine coming off victorious in their struggles. Francine learns to accept her son’s condition, and the whole family goes to therapy to help Cameron. Nuala, the therapist, tells them that pets have been proved to be great with special needs children. So Carl gets a puppy, and even though Francine is not happy and the puppy turns out to be difficult to deal with at first. Yet, in the end Francine learns that she can’t live on appearances and her family is more important than what the others think.

As for Jodi, she finally musters up the courage to tell the world her story. What Mac was blackmailing for was not just the alcoholic mother but something more. Jodi tells the press that six years ago she got pregnant with Mac’s baby, and the day of the release of one of her films, she had an accident and fell on her stomach. The baby didn’t survive, and later Mac blamed her for the death of their baby. He even threatened to go to the press and accused her publicly as there were photographs of Jodi toasting with champagne, but Jodi assures she didn’t even sipped the cup, and it was all for show. Strangely enough, that was not the end of their relationship, and Mac begged her to forgive him, which she did, and then she had to put up with him, his drug use, and his drunk friends. The relationship ended, but that didn’t put a stop to him harassing him. That is why she agreed to marry Darius. Now Jodi comes clean about Mac’s story, and she feels proud of herself. What she isn’t ready for yet is to tell the world about Darius, because that would involve her little son.

In the end her family is happy. Darius travels to be with her and Saul at Christmas, and Sebastian is also there as a good friend. There is a hint that there is something going on between Jodi and Saul’s teacher, and Darius has started a true relationship with his agent.

The book was entertaining, but I have to say that there were parts I found a bit boring. I loved Francine’s story much more than Jodi’s as it felt much more real.


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