Perfect Wives 3 (Chapters 18-21)


I feel so sorry for Francine and little Cameron.

The woman is at the end of her tether, clueless about what to do with Cameron. His tantrums and outbursts happen more regularly and are even more disruptive. Poor Cameron doesn’t know how to deal with his anger either. At some point he says that it just jumps and gets out of control. Now the poor boy is ostracized as the other children don’t want to play with him. I don’t blame the other children, but it’s so sad for Cameron. At the Halloween’s party he caused a real ruckus, hitting two girls and even insulting them cruelly. It is Jodi, who manages to calm him down, and at the end of the party Carl and Francine tell him they will go to Nuala, the child psychologist, again, and they hope she can help them.

As for Jodi, she is fretting about the threat that Mac poses, and she is wondering how she can put a stop to the man. I think she needs to come out and tell her truth. After all, she is not her mother, and I reckon that people will admire her even more for the way she has managed to deal with the terrible situation when she was a child. I think she is putting up with this man for no reason at all.

Apart from that, Jodi has struck up some kind of friendship with her neighbour, Sebastian. The man is a farmer and lives in the manor her own cottage used to be part. The man is handsome and charming, and Jodi feels attracted to him. The man has had his share of heartache as his son died drowned a few years ago. Sebastian talks about his wife, but Jodi hasn’t seen her at all, and when Jodi mentions her to Sebastian, he gets kind of funny. I wonder what the story about his wife is. Is she alive? If not, why didn’t Sebastian say something, thus preventing Jodi from embarrassing herself around him?


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