Perfect Wives 2(Chapters 7-18)


Neither of the main female characters in this book are very likeable.

They are both just a facade but their lives are not so perfect. Jodi seems to be the epitome of perfection: beautiful, talented, famous, and rich, and with a lovely family. Yet, all that is as genuine as counterfeit money. She wants to hide her past as being the daughter of a drunkard and living in a council estate, and I can understand that, especially as a boyfriend of her past wants to expose her. I think that one shouldn’t be ashamed of her past because that made you the woman or man you are today. Yet, her agent told her that the film industry is like that, and she would be ruining her career prospects if that came to be known. Even though I can’t understand that your career could force you to hide your past, that is excusable. What I really don’t understand is that you are forced to fabricate a story to advance in your career. Her marriage is a sham; her husband is gay and because of that, she agreed to marry him so that both their careers could gain in power with the publicity. Darius is charming and good to her, but he is fake. I really don’t like Jodi because she is all fake, and she is simply admired because of all those lies. How can one feel happy with herself when she is nothing but a pantomime? Her son, who was IVF conceived, is lovely, but I find him too perfect. Little children are adorable, but they are also naughty and can also be tiresome. Saul doesn’t sound real as he is too well-behaved. Too good to be true.

As for Francine, she is going through a rough time because of Cameron. She is also quite fake, as appearances matter to her too much. She doesn’t want the other mothers that she was made redundant and tries to keep Cameron’s naughtiness and wild behaviour under wraps. After some disruptive situations with Cameron, she decides she needs to have him assessed, and the psychologist tells her that Cameron seems to suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder. The psychologist tells her that he doesn’t mean what he does, but after the session Cameron gives her a really bad time and she loses her cool. She is desperate, and I have to say that I feel for Francine. I think I like her better than Jodi since her problem is real whereas Jodi has a problem because of all her lies.


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