New Book – Perfect Wives by Emma Hannigan (Chapters 1- 7)


Publication year: 2013

In this new novel we get to know two women who live in a small town near Dublin.

There is Jodi Ludlum, a famous Hollywood actress, who has taken a hiatus in her career to move back to Dublin so that her little son can have a normal life. Saul is four and starts kindergarten. The boy is a cheerful, excited child. We know that Jodi didn’t have a good past. Her mother was a alcoholic and drug addict, who treated her hideously and died of a heroin overdose. Jodi started her career as an actress when a scout found her in a school as the man was testing some students. So her life changed when he was seventeen, and since then she hasn’t returned to Dublin until now. I think Jodi still has issues with her past, and even though she is successful and famous, she is not very confident.

The other woman is Francine Henessy, who has four children, and is considered a superwoman by everyone who knows her. She has been able to balance her job in an accountancy company with her responsibilities as a mother, wife, and housewife. However, things are not going as perfect since she has been made redundant at work. She also has problems with her youngest son, Cameron, who is in the same class as Saul. Cameron is a wild little boy, who rebels against her parents and throws a tantrum at the drop of a hat. At school he has also had problems as he has bitten another child and insulted some others. Saul, who thought he was his best friend, is not so sure now he wants to be friends with such a disruptive boy.

Jodi and Francine have struck up some friendship as their sons were intent to spend time together. Yet, now that Saul has changed his mind about Cameron, I don’t know if Jodi and Francine will continue their relationship. The two women are too different, and I’m not even sure they like each other very much.

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