The Foxglove Tree 2 (Chapters 5-6)


Silly Erin.

The only reason why she married Sir Angus is going to disappear as her husband is going to sell the house. He has no money and can’t afford the running of the big house. Erin is also feeling more and more miserable with each passing day. She hates the intimate part with her husband, and when Angus feels her reluctance, he tells her that she needs to do her marital duty, but lately he has stopped touching her.

Then Kelvin returns from war. He is bitter after Erin’s letter explaining she was marrying someone else. He doesn’t even visit her parents, but her father goes and finds him. So he starts living with them, and in the end he and Erin meet. Erin apologises, but Kelvin is too hurt and doesn’t treat her kindly. Then he can’t help himself and kisses her; she welcomes his touch and they end up getting intimate. Actually, that time she feels terrible pain and bleeds, and Kelvin realises that Erin has been a virgin till now, and when they make love again, Erin realises that this is what is supposed to be with her husband. She now regrets to marry Angus and let a man like Kelvin get away. She has been very stupid. Marrying a man for a  house!!! As they part, Kelvin promises that what has happened between them won’t happen again. Yet, I have the hunch that these words will soon be forgotten as soon as they meet again.


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