The Foxglove Tree 2 (Chapters 6- The End)




I have to say that I have enjoyed the books I have previously read by this other much more than this one. I liked the beginning, and I really didn’t expect what happened to Angus. As I had predicted, Erin doesn’t leave Kelvin, and they continue their relationship. She promises to leave Angus, but only to get her out her hair. Then that night when she returns home, Angus tells her that he has sold the house. She gets so upset that she threatens to leave him for someone else. I think she was cruel to Angus. Then Angus takes a gun and threatens to kill her. They struggle and then Angus falls and hits his head, and the gun goes off. When Diana appears, Erin is holding the gun.

Erin is arrested, and it is here where she comes into contact with Allan Jamieson. Even though he refuses at first, he finally agrees to defend her. Allan is a barrister, and Jake is the prosecutor. Erin makes Kelvin promise he won’t tell anybody about them, or else she will be lost. Eris is allowed to be free before the trial. Allan is still struggling in his marriage. I have to say that I don’t understand Kaye. She keeps saying she doesn’t love him, but then she continues reproaching him the war and the way he treats him. To be honest, apart from what Kaye says, we do not really get to see Allan’s alleged shortcomings as a husband. Maybe Kaye is right, but I would have liked to see examples of what she meant.

Then Erin comes on to Allan, and he lets her love him. I have to say that by this time I liked Erin very little. She has proved to be a woman who uses men for her own good. Later in the novel she admits to having bedded Allan so that he could defend her as best as he could. News of Allan’s affair reaches Kaye, and encouraged by Jake’s parents, she leaves him and moves to their home. Soon Kaye is also having an affair, in this case, with Jake. It is her who comes on to him, and Jake forgets Lillian for some physical comfort. He claims that he isn’t in love with Kaye, but he doesn’t do anything to stop their physical relationship.

When the trial starts, Jake is approached by someone working in the hotel where Kelvin used to take Erin. So Jake calls the man and Kelvin to testify, and Kelvin can’t do anything else but tell the truth. Allan thinks that the trial is lost and Erin will hang. He considers leaving the case despite Erin’s pleas. Then he gets collared by a woman who tells her she knows the man who worked for Angus Ballantine as a chauffeur, and apparently, the man had tried to commit suicide several times before. So Allan calls the doctor and Diana Ballantine to testify, and they admit that Angus was suicidal. So the jury finally come back with a non-guilty verdict, and Erin is released.

After the trial, Erin and Allan continue their relationship, but it is clear that he wants to be with his son and wife, and Erin now has the house, but she’s not much happier. In the end, Erin returns home with her parents and Kelvin, and when Allan and Kaye talks for the umpteenth time, they finally make up. On his part, Jake asks Lillian to marry him, but the woman has been hurt when he carried on with Kaye. In the end, Lillian is finally persuaded to give him an opportunity by one of the men working for Jake. So in the end she goes to find him and they get engaged.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this entry, I didn’t like this book as much as the previous books by the author I have read. The part about everybody almost sleeping with everybody was a bit too much in my opinion. Besides, I found the characters too flat, and I didn’t have the impression to know them.


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