The Second Husband 4 (Pages 143-240)



Oh my gosh!!!

I knew I didn’t trust Davis. And I suspected all along that Roxy had a crush on him. What I didn’t expect was that the situation was much worse!!! I feel so sorry for Kate.

I thought that when she announced her plans to marry Davis, Roxy would be hostile to be the least. Yet, that doesn’t happen. Kate tells her when she comes to the flat and hears her daughter sobbing. Kate tries to talk to her and find out the reason why she is upset, but she won’t talk. It is then that she thinks the news might be a reason to cheer her up. Roxy appears surprised, but not openly hostile. That weekend she doesn’t leave her bedroom, and Kate is so worried that she asks Davis to talk to her. That goes well, or so Kate thinks. Roxy comes to her to explain that she had been seeing her ex-boyfriend and he had dumped her. Poor Kate!!! So naive. Davis and Roxy have no heart at all. They were in an affair all along, but neither stops to think about Kate. We can give excuses for each of them. He is obsessed with Roxy, and Kate is nothing to him, so marrying him is his way to get closer to Roxy or Kate would have evicted him. And Roxy? She is young and besotted, but how can she let this man hurt her mother like that? Doesn’t she have an ounce of love for the woman who gave birth to, raised, and cared for her. What a horrible teenager she is!!!

I have to say that Kate is also to blame. Marrying a man she doesn’t know the first thing about. What a silly thing to do. During their honeymoon she already feels there is some change. He is not as loving as she hoped. What I don’t understand is why he started the affair with Kate in the first place. The deceit doesn’t last long. Two weeks after the wedding as Kate is moving his books to the house, she finds a notebook with some of his writings. There are some lines about a woman she loves and the flat, and she thinks it is about her, but then it is plain clear when he writes Roxanna as the notes continue. I can’t imagine the shock of it. Davis mentioned the flat and seeing her, so I imagine that it is seeing Roxy that convinced him that he should move here. Then he mentions the first kiss, the first time they make love, and then he even talks about the other woman and how repulsive he finds her, but this is something she has to do to be with her. What a horrible man!!! And Roxy is just as bad.

After the shock, she calls David, leaving a message on his voice mail. She tells him about reading his notes and warns her to keep away from him. At once she realizes she has made a  mistake as he will surely warn Roxy. In a state Roxy tries to call Roxy, but her phone is off, so she  rushes out of the flat, intending to go to Roxy’s school. As she dashes towards the school, she tries to call the school so that she can make sure Roxy stays there. Unfortunately, as she is in such a state, she doesn’t see a bike coming and has an accident.

The next thing she knows she is in hospital with a broken wrist. The hospital staff doesn’t let her go as she needs a scan. THey tell her they contacted her friend Abi, who turns up a few minutes later with Matthew. Kate tells her about what she had found out, but when Abi tries to contact Abi, the call goes to voice mail. When she is discharged, she returns home to find a note from Roxy. She is gone with Davis and promises to contact her again and her father. Kate calls the police, but since Kate is seventeen and has gone of her own accord, they can’t do anything. Kate hasn’t called Alistair yet, which I think is wrong of her, as she hopes Roxy will return. Then the following day Alistair and Victoria turn up. Alistair is in a state when Kate tells him. Roxy has only written an email, explaining that she wasn’t going to take her A-levels or go to university. Kate tells them that she intends to find Roxy. Victoria, who is a lawyer, tells them that there is nothing they can do legally, and she advises Kate to have an annulment as Davis might want to get something from him.

Feeling more energised, Kate goes to the storage unit where she knows Davis had left his things. She intends to find Graham’s address. Graham is the friend in York, who Davis had gone to see before the wedding as he wanted him to be his best man, but according to Davis, he was busy that weekend when the wedding was scheduled. In the storage unit Kate doesn’t find Graham’s address, but she finds his divorce papers, and something stands up. From the divorce he got a holiday residence, and she thinks that is where he and Roxy might be. She gets the address for Camilla, his ex-wife. She goes to see her, and the conversation they have is an eye-opener. Camilla tells her that Davis is obsessed with young girls, and during their marriage he had affairs with her students. Camilla admits that she eventually had an affair, and that is what is in the divorce papers, but only because it was easier to prove. His affairs were more difficult to provide proof of, and in any case, she didn’t want to cause these girls any problem when they had been Davis’s victims even if they thought they were the seductresses. Camilla tells Kate the address of the holiday residence in France, and before she leaves, she tells her that one of the things Davis told her once before leaving was that one day he would find the one. I am afraid that Davis thinks that Roxy is the one he has been looking for all his life.

I’m still outraged on Kate’s behalf. What a pair of selfish, cruel, horrible people!!! It is often said that love is blind and selfish, but I think that when that love means hurting people so horribly, that is not love. I feel so sorry for Kate. This will put her off men for the rest of her life. She made a horrible mistake, trusting a man she didn’t know, but the price she is paying now is too much. I can’t bring my head round the idea that her daughter could be so cruel, letting a man hurt her mother like this. Well, she also hurt her willingly. Horrible, horrible people!!!

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