The Second Husband 2 (Pages 18-96)


Kate’s main worry now is her daughter, Roxy.

The girl is so cold towards her and has no problems to show her derision and scorn for her mother in front of her cool friend Marianne. I feel so sorry for Kate. She has no one to help her. Her ex-husband is useless. I don’t know how she was ever in love with someone like him. Whenever Roxy does something he deems unsuitable, he blames Kate and doesn’t even stop to think about his own responsibility. One example is when Roxy was supposed to do some work experience in his new wife’s firm, and when the girl claimed she had decided not to do it, Alistair calls Kate, fuming and blaming her. What a moron!!! Kate doesn’t manage to get to her daughter in that moment, but when she explains her problem to Davis, the tenant, he suggest he and another student of his talk to her, so this is what changes Roxy’s mind.

It is clear that Kate is attracted to her tenant even if she doesn’t want to admit it. I have the hunch that Roxy has a crush on the man as well, and this is why she lately wakes up with red, puffy eyes. Kate is worried, thinking that it could be a boyfriend or something worse, but Roxy won’t talk to her. She confides in Davis again, and he promises that he will try to find out something when Roxy starts French classes with him. I am pretty sure that the problem is Davis, and Roxy is already jealous. She has already shown her despise when Kate went out with him for a drink with some friends, and when Kate suggested she invite him to her school play, she got upset as well. If as the title of the book suggests, Kate ends up married to him, it will be a real problem.


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