The Second Husband 3 (Pages 96-143)


I have to say that Kate is too permissive with Roxy.

The girl is downright rude and disrespectful with her mother. I think that is the problem with many parents today and their teenage children. They are afraid of losing them that they let them get away with murder. I have no empathy with Roxy at all. It is as if she didn’t love her mother at all. I don’t know how Kate is not more concerned with her. When she calls her attention about the time she spends with Davis, Roxy calls her old and dried out, and the worse thing is that Roxy even shows any regret as the words come out of her mouth. How hateful!!! I still think that the problem is that Roxy is jealous and fears that Davis is keen on her mother, and the girl has a crush on her.

It didn’t come as a surprise when Davis and Kate finally hook up when the children are away in Cape Town with their father. Kate has two very erotic weeks with Davis. Yet, when Rosy and Matthew return, she thinks she can’t continue with her affair, but she yearns for this man, but doesn’t know how to handle her feelings. I have to say that I don’t like Davis very much. I really don’t trust him. There’s something in his attitude that I dislike. Feeling that she has to do something before she goes crazy, Kate decides that Davis has to go and informs him that their contract has to terminate. When Davis comes to demand an explanation, Kate says she can’t cope with this situation and admits she is in love with him. And then to her surprise Davis asks her to marry him and she accepts!!! I don’t think I like Kate very much now. She doesn’t know much about the man and is ready to commit her life to him. She has two children to think about, and she should try a relationship with him if she loves him before doing something so reckless.

I am afraid that the news won’t be taken well by Roxy. I have to say that a hostile attitude is expected. No one in their right mind would be pleased to know that their mother is marrying a guy who she has just known for a few weeks. In the case of Roxy, I am afraid that the hostility will be double as I think Davis is the cause why she is so horrible to her mother as of lately. Kate has put off telling them about their engagement as Victoria, their stepmother, has the baby the day Kate decides to tell them, so she thinks she should tell them some other time. I am afraid things won’t be easy at all, but I’m curious to know how the thing pans out. I also wonder if Davis can really be trusted. Is his relationship with Roxy just friendly and platonic? Or does Roxy have reasons to be encouraged in her affections? We know that his ex-wife was a student of his and much younger than his, so I don’t know… this makes me suspicious.


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