The Woman Next Door 2 (Pages 81-103)


I was not sure what the book was about.

I knew that somehow Jamie and Hester will be part of the plot, but I didn’t foresee what was to happen.

Feeling ashamed for her behaviour last night, Hester bakes a lemon drizzle cake for Melissa to apologise. She rings the bell but nobody comes to the door even though she can see Melissa’s car there. Thinking that Melissa is sleeping or on some errand, she decides to leave the cake anyway. So she enters the garden and walks to the french doors, and as she pushes one, she discovers it is open. She calls as she lets herself in, and then she hears a noise. There is someone in the kitchen, and then she sees Melissa on her hunches. When she approaches, she sees the woman is in a bad state. The man she saw last night is lying on the kitchen floor, his head indented with a blow and blood, and in a trance Melissa tells her that he is dead and she has killed her. I really didn’t expect that at all.

Hester sends Melissa to the bathroom, and while she is there, we learn that Melissa killed Jamie, hitting him a heavy pestle. Jamie told her something that made her snap. We don’t know which, but I imagine that the man wanted to blackmail her or something similar. From her inner dialogue there is a hint that this is not the first time she killed someone. She mentions a road and the police coming for her. So who else has Melissa killed? Did she go to jail for that other crime? Or was she acquitted? And how did she shed that past to become the woman she is today?

Melissa thinks that Hester must be calling the police at the moment, but when she returns to the kitchen, she is surprised when Hester tells her that they should work together and not involve the police. She remember her husband tell her about a well in Dorset where she thinks she might get rid of Jamie’s body. So both women worked to wrap the body in old sheets, and Hester thinks they can use her late husband’s van to move the body. Hester feels powerful now, even sounding thankful that this happens so that she and Melissa are bonded by this event. I wonder what will happen to these two women. Will they be able to carry out their plan? Will the murder be found out at some point? I am also dying to know what Jamie intended and the reason why Melissa killed him. I also want to know more about Melissa’s past and her secrets. I have a hunch that Hester also has her secrets, and maybe she will surprise us as well.



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