New Book – The Second Husband by Louise Candlish (Pages 1-18)


Publication year: 2008

I have only read a few pages of this book, but I am intrigued by the title and the tagline.

The main character is Kate, divorced, and with two children: seventeen-year-old Roxy and nine-year-old Matthew. Her husband Alistair left her for a younger woman, and now that Alistair and her new partner are expecting a baby, he wants to reduce his payments in support for Kate. He claims that he will have another mouth to feed, so he suggests she could take a lodger. Her house is big enough to make an apartment with her own front door. Kate doesn’t like it, but she eventually agrees. So in the first chapter she mentions Davis Calder, an attractive teacher who has come to view the apartment, but he thinks it is a bit small. I can tell that this man will be important in her life, and the title of the novel makes me think that he and Kate will end up married. Kate is now worried about her teenage daughter, Rosy, who has a new friend Marianne, who is influencing Rosy in a way that Kate doesn’t like her. Marianne is too independent and exudes sexuality, something that Roxy is trying to emulate. The tagline in the cover gives us clues that the novel will evolve about Kate’s new husband and her daughter. It sounds a bit creepy, but I am curious to know what the story line will be like.


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