Dancing in the Dark 4 – The End




The last ten percent of the novel did not have any major developments. Millie writes a note to Tom, telling him about them being half-siblings, and they talk once when he arranges for her to come and see her gran’s house, which he wants to sell. They agree that they can’t see each other any longer, and this is the last time we see him. Apart from this, Kate finally leaves Norman, which is something I think she should have done years ago. She plans to live in Flo’s house and have Alison living with her, so in that regard it is a happy ending.

Apart from that, there is nothing revealing about Millie. She breaks up with James for good, but that is it. I think this last part dragged a little, and there are characters that I found surplus and did not add anything to the plot. For example, Peter Maxwell, who used to be Flo’s neighbour and went with Millie to school, is a character that didn’t add much to the plot. Millie flirts with him, but they finally agree that they can only be friends. And then in the end there is a character Sam, the son of one of the managers at work, who appears and his mother wants to set him up with Millie after the woman met Millie at a party she and her husband threw. I thought that addition was also unnecessary, and it only shows that Millie is considering her options.

I really enjoyed the book, but I loved the part about Flo, not so much the subplot with Millie. I think a lovely end would have been the scene in which Flo dies. That was really beautifully described, and the book would have ended with a lovely, even though sad, note.


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