Queen of the Mersey 9


The trip to Greece has showed some revelations to Queenie.

Things are supposedly perfect between her and Theo. Yet, while staying on the island, Queenie has been tempted twice. Once she kept wishing Theo was more like his cousin Peter, who is more of a free spirit, and there was even a charged look between Queenie and Peter. The second time was when she discovered that the young man who drives the boat, Trefor Jones, was the son of the post-office mistress in the little Welsh village where Queenie stayed. Trefor recognised her from the beginning, and he reminds her of what happened with Carl and how he had raped a friend of his. Queenie is so rattled by his words that she stumbles and Trefor reaches for her, and in that moment Queenie keeps wondering what it would be like to make love to another more virile man like Trefor. Nothing happens with either of the men, but Queenie is shaken by such thoughts, and maybe she is realising that her relationship with Theo has some hairline cracks that she wasn’t even aware of.

Now Queenie is to get a very disagreeable surprise. Her mother is back after spending all this time in London. The man who promised her a life of passion didn’t turn out as she expected. He was nothing but a pimp, and soon Agnes was serving men. She could have walked out, but she realised that she earned more in two nights than in a week as a barmaid. Things were good for a while, but then Derek was killed. So she had to work for another pimp, and the money wasn’t so good and this new man often beat her up. That bad life has had consequences, and she has been twice to hospital, and the doctor advised him to leave her life of debauchery and find someone who looked after her, or she would end up dead. So for the first time in years Agnes thinks of Queenie, and that is what she intends to do. In Bootle they tell her that Queenie is at Freddy’s, and Agnes walks there, but her health is weak, so she faints. And when she comes round, she is in the sick bay, so she demands the nurse to bring Queenie to her as she is her mum. I’m afraid that Agnes will stir up the hornet’s nest. When she realizes that Queenie is quite well off thanks to her lover, Queenie won’t be able to get rid of her. Poor Queenie! Agnes was never a good mother to her, so she doesn’t deserve to be looked after in her dotage.


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