Queen of the Mersey 7


I am a bit afraid for Queenie.

Jimmy has returned, and they have decided to put off the wedding until they can afford a big place. In the meantime, Theo, the owner, has promoted only a month after starting work for him. At that meeting Theo tells her that Miss James had hinted that she couldn’t cope with the books department, but the man knows that the reason is that his own soon takes too many breaks for a smoke. When Queenie tells Vera and Laura she doesn’t understand why Theo has moved her to a department that all the other workers covet or why Miss James has turned against her, Vera gives her an answer. She thinks Theo fancies her, and instead of feeling put off by the idea, Queenie likes it and feels excited. Then the day when she is sent to buy clothes with the head of department, Theo is there at lunch time, and he and Queenie have lunch together. That is the last bit we get about this, but I have a hunch that this is not the end. Then the focus changes on Laura, and she thinks Queenie looks very happy because she must be very much in love with Jimmy. Is that the reason why Queenie is happy? Or is it the job or maybe Theo? I hope Queenie isn’t doing anything foolish.

As for Laura, she has started training as a teacher, which she loves. Then around Christmas she returns home to find Roddy. He has found out about Gus, and now he explains that what he felt for Katherine was a mistake. He was just dazzled by the excitement of parties, being served hand and foot, and the beauty of everything, but now that things have settled, he has realised he has made a mistake and want to go back with Laura. However, Laura doesn’t want him back. He has hurt her too much, and he has made his bed and has to lie in it. Now Roddy is quite well off and works as a stockbroker. What I think hurts Laura is that his family was ready to welcome Katherine with open arms when she was not even Roddy’s wife, while they disowned her and her children. Roddy stays with them all Christmas, and Vera and Queenie hope that Laura eventually forgive Roddy as everyone makes mistakes. I don’t know what to think about Roddy. He has proved to be a lousy husband and worse father, so in my view, he doesn’t deserve to be forgiven and given a second chance. Yet, I think that deep down Laura still loves him.


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