Queen of the Mersey 5


I’m shocked and outraged on behalf of Laura.

I never expected that at all. The night she is at the dance, Roddy turns up at the house. Previously, at the dance hall Ben and Eric Tyler, the two brothers living above Laura, appear as Eric, who is a widower, has a thing for Eric. Laura is happy that Ben is there too as he is his excuse to escape one of them who was getting too clingy. When they are talking, Ben confesses that he is in love with her, but Laura tells him she is married and in love with Roddy.

When she returns, she is pleasantly surprised to see Roddy, who is not too happy knowing she was at a dance and then walked home by Ben. She seems jealous, and Laura swears that everything was innocent. And then when they are getting ready for bed, he drops the bomb. He wants to divorce Laura as he has met someone else and is in love with her. Laura gets logically upset, and they have a terrible row. Laura realises that he has been lying to her all that time. That is why he hardly touched him when he was on leave last, and it was a lie when he was stationed in Kent and he told her that he only had twenty-four passes to go home. All the time he was with Katherine. Laura tries to entice him and make him realize he still loves her, and they make love, but she finally accepts that she has lost him. Yet, when he leaves, she repeats her words: she won’t give him a divorce and she will have to live with Katherine just the same way he lived with her for five years, in sin. I can understand Laura, and in this heated moment she doesn’t want to make things easy for her, because in the end she is the one losing. After all she did for this man, losing her family, and now he has turned out to be nothing but a rat. Laura doesn’t want Hester to know yet as she knows her daughter will be hurt. I feel so sorry for them.

As for Queenie, there are two boys who want her as a girlfriend: Brian Tyler, her neighbour, and Johnny. She has no intention of having a boyfriend, and she has told both boys so. The two young men are not happy, but they accept when Queenie tells them the three of them could go out together, and even though they do begrudgingly, in the end Brian and Johnny become very good friends. I think Queenie has become a very clever and sensible girl, and she has handled this matter with these two boys really well. Now I imagine she will have to be the shoulder on which Laura will cry. I hope Laura can talk to either Queenie or Vera, because it wouldn’t be good for her to bottle all this up.


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