The Girl from Barefoot House 5 – The End


I am very upset because the blog has deleted two of my posts from yesterday. 😦  I’ll try to summarise what I wrote yesterday.


The important events that take place are the following:

  • Josie publishing Louisa’s book. This is a turning point in her life. Personally, she gets closer to her daughter Dinah, who discovers things about her mother that she didn’t know. When Josie and Dinah meet Louisa’s agent and the owner of a publishing house, Josie realises that the man is the officer who tried to rape her when she was six. She has no problems telling him that and naturally, she won’t have dealings with him. So Dinah learns about Josie’s terrible childhood, and this makes her realise that she hasn’t always behaved well. Dinah admits that she has always thought Josie didn’t want her, which is true, and she has always been jealous of her late sister Laura. From that moment, Dinah and Josie have a better relationship and Josie starts her editorial company, which she calls Barefoot House
  • One of the saddest moments is when Lily dies. She was one of the characters that I liked more, and when she died giving birth to a baby, who was stillborn, I was feel as bereft as the other characters. From that point on, the book lost someone very imporant in its dynamics.
  • Josie ends up with Jack, who returns to her life after several adventures. He returns first when after a couple of decades his stepdaughter gives him the letter in which Josie told him about Dinah. He doesn’t want to stay and returns to America because his stepdaughter needs him. Then shortly after the girl gets married, he goes missing, and nobody knows where he is. The last thing he told Josie is to find another and get married. I really don’t understand the allure of the man. For several years then Josie is busy at work, and then she finally accepts to have a relationship with Ben. Yet, he jilts him when he is about to propose when Jack is found in Miami. Josie leaves everything to go to him, and they return to Liverpool. Josie lives some wonderful years that remind her of the time in New York when Jack was all charm and so popular. It happens in Liverpool. Jack drinks a lot, and soon the man is sick and dying. He refuses to go to the doctor, and he dies just after Dinah gets married to Ben’s son when she is expecting their third baby.

I love the book, but I have to say that I didn’t like Jack as much as apparently everybody did. I couldn’t understand what Josie saw in him. I thought Jack was quite selfish and was an attention-seeker. When he died, Dinah says that her father drank so much because of Laura’s death, but I don’t think that’s true. Jack was already drinking too much way before Laura died.


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