A Boy Made of Blocks 4


Oh I am loving this book so much.

Sam, though difficult, is charming and clever in his own way. I am starting to warm up to Alex, who finally manages to get his act together and is there for Sam more. It’s strange how life can be so simple at times. Just a computer game like Minecraft has done the miracle. Through the game Alex and Sam have come closer and bonded, and Sam even talks to his father about certain things. That first step has been followed by a day out in London, Clare’s daughter’s birthday party, a camping trip and a visit to his mother.

Things with Jody have gone from bad to worse. I had the feeling that her going to that wedding could bring consequences, and I was right. She comes saying that one of her former university mates was at her table, and then they kissed. Now Jody is not sure if she wants to stay married to Alex. Even though I can understand why Jody kicked her husband out of their house, now I feel sorry for him. Then when Alex is with Sam in the café they usually go to, there is also a mother and a boy who Alex sees is also on the autistic spectrum. When the boy hurls a spiderman action man which drops in his latte, he aproaches the mother and boy. The mother is an attractive woman called Isobel, and her child is Jamie. I knew at once this will complicate things. He goes to see her to the shop she works in, they have a coffee, and she invites him to some kind of 60s party as she is a fan of music from the 1969s. When Alex goes there, Isobel is busy, but when she finally goes to him, she kisses him politely, but then he hugs her waist and then they kiss again. Yet, Alex has a wake-up call, and he feels the urgency to go. He regrets what has happened, and when Isobel texts him, he can only think of Jody and what he is going to do to mend his marriage. I really hope that Jody and Alex get back together. Jody must see that Alex has changed since they have been separated. His relationship with Sam has changed for the better and he has realised how important his son is for him. I just hope that Jody sends her friend Richard packing.

Alex is not just changing with her son, but with other people in her family. After Emma’s return, Alex has been brave to tell her what he thinks about her and why he has been fleeing around the world all this time. He even talks to his mother, who he has never understood as he always thought that she never showed any grief over George. Alex finds George’s things in a cupboard in his mother’s cottage, and they finally talk about George and why she acted the way she did. She even tells him that he mustn’t feel guilty for what happened, which is what has been in Alex’s mind all these years. I think it was a nice conversation between mother and son.

As for Clare and Matt, the woman goes to see Alex because she fears her husband is having an affair. Yet, when Alex talks to Matt, he discovers that his friend has got into trouble as he has been betting online. So he owes a lot of money. Alex tells him to talk to Clare, and he does, and even though at first they aren’t speaking, they finally get back on track.

I am really enjoying every minute of this book. One of Alex’s reflections which I love is when he muses that he has always thought of Sam as a problem, but he now realises that Sam is just a child with his own life, and his fears are the same as everybody else but in his case they are magnified. It is so true, and this can be applied to many things we often see as a problem because we cannot place in the ordered plan of our lives.


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