A Boy Made of Blocks 3


I like the way Dan talks to Alex when he asks him how things are.

It is clear that it isn’t only Jody who thinks Alex has left her alone with Sam. Dan tells him that now that he is unemployed, it is the ideal opportunity to get to know his son. So if this friend has noticed that in eight years Alex doesn’t really know his son, there is a real problem. Alex is miffed, but then Dan’s words seem to go through him. So he goes to a bookshop and buys a few books about autism and the video game Minecraft, which Sam is lately very keen on, and he also buys the video game to see what it is about. I still see little interaction with Sam and Jody, and on Saturday when he is supposed to spend time with his son, his wife is miffed when he refuses to have Alex one weekend while she is at a wedding. And when she tells her he should go as Sam is happy today, Alex doesn’t even go up to greet his son. I have little sympathy for Alex; I don’t deny dealing with Sam is difficult, but he doesn’t make much of an effort.

The day Jody and Alex take Sam to see the new school they are planning to change him into, things are not good. Sam has been difficult that morning, and then when they reach the school car park, he refuses to go. Jody loses her temper and struggles to force him out of the car, and Alex shouts at her. So in the end Jody and Sam end up in tears, and they return home without the promised visit. And then Emma, Alex’s younger sister, who had been travelling all over the world since she was eighteen, has returned. She didn’t know about the situation between Alex and his wife, and in the end she decides to stay with Alex in Dan’s flat.


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