New Book – A Boy Made of Blocks by Keith Stuart


Publication year: 2016

The narrator of this novel is Alex.

In the first chapter we see him leaving his wife and eight-year-old son and move into a friend’s flat. I have to say that I don’t feel any sympathy for this man. He is leaving his family because he can’t cope with Sam, his son, who is autistic. I find his speech a bit whingeing. I understand that Sam is a difficult boy, his behaviour unpredictable and often out of control. That must be very hard. However, from what he has said, he hasn’t been much help to his wife Jody, who is there for Sam day and night. And then Alex gets to walk out while Jody remains with their son, who needs so much care and attention. I find Alex a wimp, and I can even say he’s quite immature for his age. He blames his job for his hands-off attitude, but Jody thinks it is just an excuse, and I happen to agree with her. He even drags his feet when after a week away from home, Jody asks him to take Sam to the park and spend a few hours with his son. Oh man! I really don’t like this man very much.


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