A Boy Made of Blocks 2


I misunderstood what had happened to Alex and Jody.

It was her who asked him to leave because she feels that her husband is no help with their son at all. I have to say that Alex is quite useless when he is with Sam. He panics when he knows that something could unbalance Sam’s world, triggering a reaction. He doesn’t even have much patience with him. Jody thinks that Alex needs professional help, and his problems didn’t start with Sam’s birth, but to an event with Alex’s brother George they keep mentioning. We then learn that when Alex was a small child, one day he and his brother came out of school and were chasing each other, and when George crossed the street, a car run over him and he was killed. Alex witnessed the whole scene, and it is obvious that he is traumatised by the event. Maybe Jody is right and that event is influencing his role as a father of a child like Sam.

Things go from bad to worse. Alex works as a mortgage adviser, which he hates and there was a time when he thought the job was temporary. Yet, with his family commitments, his own mortgage, Sam’s special needs, and Jody quitting her job to be with Sam, Alex remained in the job. Now things are not good in the company, and his boss tells him and the others that another firm will take over and there will be changes. Alex is the first change and victim. His boss has to let him go as the new owners don’t need a mortgage adviser. So now Alex is unemployed, which sends him deeper into the dumps.

Jody then surprises him with something. Her parents have put her into contact with some museum director or something, and she has been offered the position of curator for just a couple of days, something which she has always longed for. She has accepted the job, and now that Alex is unemployed, he will look after Sam, which mean picking him up from school. Jody is worried because we gather that Alex still thinks of George, and going to pick her son up from school is something that he must never have done because of what happened with George. I am curious to know how Alex will cope with this new responsibility. I think it is high time he stopped moaning about the lacks in his life and his son, and appreciate what he has.

I think there is a subplot with Clare, who is Jody’s best friend, and her husband Matt. They have four children, and they are the only people, apart from Dan, who Jody and Alex hang out with. Jody mentions that Clare is worried because Matt is acting strangely, and when Alex stopped by to watch football with him, there was a moment in which Matt was checking his mobile and hiding the screen from Alex. That makes me think that Matt and Clare are not as blissful as Alex thinks, and he might be having an affair.


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