Kitty and Her Sisters 7


I am glad that so far I have been wrong about Kitty.

I was afraid she and Oliver might start an affair, but nothing has happened. Oliver starts acting up, and Kitty confronts him, telling him to stop dropping hints so that people could guess that Jake is his. She reminds him that he is married to Eve, her daughter, who she loves with all her heart. She also admits to being in love with him, and if he were a free man, she would marry him. Thankfully, despite her confession, Oliver doesn’t endanger his marriage even though Kitty can see he is not happy, clearly in contrast with what Eve feels that she claims to be very happy and can’t believe how lucky she is. I feel sorry for Eve because even though Oliver and Kitty are not doing anything, there is a huge lie hovering over her. I don’t know if this is just building up and will explode in their faces at some point.

I also have to say that Eve is a bit unfair to Kitty when she treats her. Even though she acknowledges she is her mother, she never calls her mum while she has no problem referring to Con, who she sees regularly, as Dad. If I were in Kitty’s shoes, I would feel slighted. I wonder if Eve has ever told Kitty she loves her or acknowledge that despite her giving her away, she has been a staunch support ever since. I really hope to see some sort of affection from Eve, but I’m afraid that something might happen that will drove mother and daughter further apart.


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