Kitty and Her Sisters 6


Things are getting more and more complicated for Kitty.

Faith moves to Southport, and Oliver is transferred to a nearby hospital. On one occasion Kitty takes Eve and Holly to see Faith and Oliver. This is a turning point in all these people’s lives. Eve is determined to help Olive, and miraculously Oliver responds when Eve lets Holly sit on his lap and he even repeats some words Eve utters. At the end of the visit Eve declares that Oliver is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Kitty is jealous and hurt as Eve spends more and more time with Oliver, who is getting better.  Eve and Oliver end up married, so Kitty has to keep smiling as the man she is in love with is getting married to her own daughter.

Shortly before the wedding Kitty gives birth to a boy who she calls Jake. Kitty has to stop working to look after her son, which she finds both rewarding and very hard. Then she gets two surprises from two of her sisters. The first one is Aileen, who appears out of the blue, after twelve years. Her intention was to ask Michael to take her back, but Kitty tells her Michael is dead. Aileen has her twelve-year-old son Ben with her, and the man she eloped with abandoned her a few years ago. All this time she has been living in Australia, and now she tells Kitty that she wants her house back, but the house now belongs to Eve. Kitty reckons that her sister is not well as she is obsessed with the man who abandoned her. She is depressed, and weeping every night. It is a few weeks later that when Kitty wakes up, she finds her sister gone, leaving her son behind. Poor Ben. Aileen is a rubbish mother. Not only did she leave Eve, the little girl she had adopted, but her own son.

The other surprise that Kitty gets comes from Norah. The novel starts with Norah’s wedding to Roy, but she doesn’t feature much in the events of the book. We know that Norah was engaged to someone else before Roy, but then her fiancé left her for someone else, and then some time later Norah married Roy. Her sisters didn’t think much of their sister’s husband, but as time went by, it seemed that Norah was quite happy. Yet, not long after Aileen’s defection Norah appears, telling Kitty that she is going to leave Roy. She confesses to Kitty that she has never loved her husband as she married him on the rebound. She also mentions that Roy was a good husband because she was a good wife and complied with Roy’s wishes, but she has had enough. So she leaves Roy and comes to live with Kitty, Jake, and Ben.

Eve gets pregnant and has another girl, Louisa. That day Oliver comes to see Kitty after having been in the hospital. He has a drink, and then there is something about Belfast, and he starts remembering things. He has the feeling Kitty was there, and as he tries to ask her questions, more memories come to him, and in the end he remembers. Kitty can’t deny that Jake is his son, but she begs him not to tell anything. They should continue as they have been until now. Nobody knows that they were together in Belfast or that Jake is his, and the last thing Kitty wants is for Eve to be hurt. I have the hunch that this won’t be as simple as Kitty makes it look. Oliver won’t let it go, and I’m afraid that he and Kitty might have done something that will hurt Eve terribly. I know that Kitty loves her daughter, but somehow her relationship with Eve is a bit strained, and  I think that if Oliver pursues her, she won’t be hard to get. I’m afraid there will be difficult times for Kitty, Eve, and Oliver ahead.


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