Kitty and Her Sisters 5


Poor Kitty!

She and Oliver spend some good days in each other’s arms. Yet, the last day when Kitty is leaving Belfast, he calls her, telling her that he is on his way to her room. Yet, Oliver never turns up, and Kitty thinks that something must have happened to him. She is very sad and despondent when she returns to Liverpool. She tries to call Faith, Oliver’s mother, but she always chickens out. On one of the days she and Oliver were together, he had claimed he would marry her, but even then she had the hunch that would never happen. Yet, what she thought was that the difference in age would bother him. She didn’t count on something more terrible happening.

Then on the day Kitty turns forty, Eve appears with the baby. She tells her that she has left Rob. His father has been arrested for his seedy dealings, and she suspects that Rob was also involved, and she thinks he will go to prison as well. Eve also tells Kitty that she never loved Rob, but since he loved her and insisted on marriage, she thought it would be a good idea. Yet, the moment they were married, Rob went off her and was unfaithful. Kitty feels sorry for her daughter, but at the same time she is not very kind to her. She gives her a hard time with the baby, and in a way she is right. Eve has no idea how to look after her own daughter as she has had an au pair who did everything for her. Now she hopes Kitty to take over from Francine, the au pair, but Kitty has no intention to let Eve lazy around. Things are a bit strained between them, especially as Even doesn’t miss any opportunity to remind Kitty what a terrible mother she was to her. Then they reached some understanding, but I really hope that they could get on better than this.

And now Kitty discovers that she is pregnant with Oliver’s baby, so she finally plucks up the courage to call Faith. The woman tells her that Oliver is there with him, so Kitty offers to visit her. When Kitty finally gets to Faith’s house, she finds out why Oliver hasn’t contacted her. What she feared was right. That day Oliver didn’t come to her because something happened. A group of thugs beat him, and now he supports brain injuries, so he can’t hear, talk, or react. He is just a shell of the person he used to be. Kitty is heartbroken. Faith tells her that the doctors have said that there is only a fifty per cent possibility of Oliver recovering, but even so, he will never be the same. Faith plans to move back to Liverpool, and she is taking Oliver with her. Oliver is now in hospital all the time, and he is only let to go home at weekends, so Faith has made the arrangements to have Oliver transferred to a hospital in Chester. I imagine that Kitty will keep in contact and help when Faith moves closer. Will Kitty tell her that she is expecting Oliver’s baby?

Now she has told her family she is pregnant, but she refuses to say who the father is. Eve’s reaction is to laugh and say that she is the weirdest mum; her sisters are astonished, saying she is too old to become a single mother. The only person who expresses her disapproval openly is Muriel, but Kitty hopes that she will come round eventually.


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