Kitty and Her Sisters 4


Life for Kitty has taken a u-turn.

First, she loses her job at the charity. Hilda is now seventy and claims that she can’t cope with the charity. So she sells the house to a woman who will continue with the charity. Hilda and Dorothy are to move to a cottage outside town, and Cecily, the woman who was beaten by her husband and was helped by Hilda and Kitty, is also leaving as her husband is dying, and she decides to look after him. Hilda thinks that the new owner will take Kitty as a day warden, but that doesn’t happen. Milicent, the new owner, thinks that Kitty is too familiar with the women staying in the shelter, so she tells her she won’t hire. Hilda is outraged as the way this new woman is going to run the charity is so different to hers. Apparently, the women staying in the charity will have to follow some strict rules and do different domestic chores. There is nothing Hilda can do, so Kitty is without a job for a while.

She tries to find a job in another charity, but she has no qualifications. So she finally agrees to take the job Muriel Gilbert, Michael’s brother, offered her. Muriel, who guessed Kitty is Eve’s mother, has been a good friend to Kitty and keeps in touch with her and Eve. The woman has a stationary shop, so she offers Kitty to run the shop. At first, Kitty is not too happy as she hoped to find something more than a shop, but when she starts working, she realises she loves running the shop.

Then Kitty’s dad dies of a weak heart, which shatters the family. Kitty feels she has lost the glue that kept the family together. The only one who has never made her appearance again is Aileen, and nobody seems to have heard from her. I imagine that Aileen will turn up sooner or later.

Then on New Year’s Eve Kitty has to face her daughter. While she was looking for her birth certificate to have her passport issued, Even also finds the letter that Michael left Kitty in which he clearly stated that Kitty was Even’s mother. Kitty can’t simply admit the truth, and as expected, Eve doesn’t take the truth well. She accuses Kitty of lying to her and abandoning her when she was a baby. Even though Kitty tries to explain things to her, Eve won’t listen and understand. It is a very sad moment for Kitty. Eve’s attitude softens as weeks pass by, but Kitty explains that things never get back to normal, and she feels she had a better relationship with Eve when the girl believed she was her aunt than now.

At the end of the 1970 Eve decides to move to London with a friend. It is not long when she tells Kitty that she is getting Married to someone called Rob Horton as she is pregnant. Kitty feels that this is Eve’s way of telling her that she is doing what Kitty should have done. Kitty gets married and stays in London, and then she has a little girl, Holly. When Kitty and Muriel go to meet the baby, Kitty notices that things are strained between Eve and her husband. Yet, she can’t say anything as she knows Eve won’t appreciate having her meddling. I feel sorry for Kitty. I know she made a mistake when she gave the baby to her sister, but she has proved she cares for Eve. I also understand Eve’s position, as it can’t have been easy to accept that not only did those who she believed were her parents abandon her, but also Kitty. Still, I think that now that she is not a young girl anymore but a mother herself, she could understand Kitty better, but it seems that is not the case. I really hope that at some point Eve can forgive Kitty for real, and she can admit that she loves Eve.

Shortly after her visit to Eve and Holly, Kitty gets a phone call from someone called Anna. The woman tells her that Michael has died, and Kitty realises that this woman has been more than a friend to Michael. She decides to travel to Belfast for the funeral, and she expects Muriel to come with her, but then she learns that the woman is in hospital as she has had her appendix taken out. So she travels alone and meets the woman who was with Michael for the last ten years. Michael died when he was run over a car, and she also tells her that Michael was a very appreciated man in their community.

Then something I never expected happens. Before the funeral there is a wake. Michael’s acquaintances and friends get together and there is even music. There is a young man playing the piano and another the fiddle. When the man playing the piano looks at Kitty, she feels her heart beat faster. Now Kitty is thirty-nine, so she disregards her silly as the man is only in her early twenties. When she goes to her room, she finds the very man there, and to her surprise he tells her that he is Oliver Knowles, the child she looked after when she was working as a nanny. Then as they are talking, sitting on the bed, Oliver goes and kisses her, and Kitty doesn’t stop him. For the first time in many years she lets another man make love to her. I was a bit surprised how Kitty lets herself carried away. We know that Oliver is in some weird business, and people even know him by another name. The day of Michael’s funeral Oliver comes to her and lets her know where they can meet again, but she can’t tell anybody. Kitty pretends to leave Belfast, but instead she meets Oliver in another hotel, where they again make love. Kitty now learns that Oliver is with the army and is now working undercover to unmask a terrorist band in Belfast. That is why he needs to be very discreet. This has been quite a twist, but I like it. I wonder what will happen between Oliver and Kitty. Will they start a proper relationship even though Kitty is almost twenty years his senior? And what about the work he is doing in Belfast? Will he be safe? If at some point they can be together in Liverpool, what will their families say?


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