Kitty and Her Sisters 2


The family is getting bigger.

Marge and Danny get married, and Kitty describes the wedding as a sad event that felt more like an anniversary than a wedding. That same day Claire gives birth to a boy who she calls Bobby after her father. Norah is also pregnant as well as Marge, so the McCarthys expect the addition of two more members of the family soon.

Kitty continues working for Faith, looking after her children Oliver and Robin. She also meets Faith’s sister, Hope, who lives with her, but the woman has no patience with the children and treats them quite harshly. Faith and Kitty have become good friends. When her husband returns from Egypt, Kitty babysits for her. However, the night doesn’t start off well as Faith complains that her sister has invited herself to Faith’s night out with her husband. Then Faith returns home early with a splitting headache, and when Kitty takes some hot milk and aspirins to her in the bedroom, he sees something shocking as she closes the curtains. Outside Eric and Hope are kissing passionately. Kitty doesn’t know if Faith saw her husband and sister kissing, but since the woman doesn’t mention anything, Kitty keeps quiet. Her suspicions about them having a full-blown affair are confirmed when Eric leaves for New York, and Hope goes to visit a friend the day before. Yet, a call from the friend lets her know that Hope is not with her, so Kitty suspects Hope is with Eric. However, she doesn’t feel it is her place to breathe a word to Faith.

As this is going on, Kitty is living her love story with Con. They first make love when Aileen and Michael take her parents out, and they meet for sex when his parents are also out of his house. I was wrong about Kitty getting entangled with Faith’s husband. My intuition was not right. Kitty feels happy with Con and even claims she loves him, but she admits to herself that she is not in love with him. He even proposes, but she turns him down. I think Kitty is not like her sister, or maybe if Con were the man she loved, she wouldn’t have treated so dismissively.

That year Jamie turns eighteen and gets his call for the National Service. The family throws a party for his birthday and as a farewell. Bernie McCarthy sees her son go with a heavy heart, and as the boy disappears down the street, she utters that she will kill herself if her boy doesn’t come back, which upsets Kitty greatly. Bernie doesn’t kill herself, but she dies because of a misunderstanding. A telegraph boy brings a telegram to the neighbours, but since they are not home, he knocks at the McCarthys’. Since the only telegrams Bernie McCarthy has ever got was when her two sons were killed in the war, she jumps to the conclusion that this time it is about Jamie. So she has a massive heart attack, and she dies a few hours later at hospital.

After that, Noah has her baby who she names after her mother, Bernadette. It is then that the coldness between Kitty and Marge thaws a little. They won’t be best friends again, but at least, there is some understanding. Marge has her baby son shortly afterwards and she calls him Georgie. Things with Danny are better now, and Kitty is happy that her brother seems happier with both Marge and their son.

It is around this time that Kitty starts suspecting that she is pregnant. Yet, she does something really strange. Con proposes to her once again, but instead of telling him what she suspects, he turns down his proposal and breaks up with him. She feels she doesn’t love him enough. Then the following day she goes to see her sister Aileen and tells her about the pregnancy and Con, and then she comes up with what she intends. Since it is clear Aileen and Michael can’t have children, she wants to give them her baby in adoption. She will go away so nobody in her family will know about her pregnancy, and then a few months later Aileen and Michael will have their baby, and she will return home. How she is going to justify her absence comes from Faith. The woman has finally proof that her sister and her husband are having an affair, so she plans to leave Eric. So Kitty will go and stay with her until her baby is born, and then she will return home. I don’t know what to think of Kitty’s plan. It is generous of her to think her sister and brother-in-law will be better for her baby, but she is being unfair to Con, who she has given no chance to decide anything. I wonder how she will be able to give away her baby and then see him/her grown without anybody acknowledging she is the mother. At least, she will be able to see him/her as his/her aunt, but it’s also going to be painful for her.



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