Saturday Requiem 2


I only read a few pages this morning.

As I believed, Frieda thinks that there is something wrong with Hannah and how the investigation. So, even though she told Levin that she had nothing else to do, she calls and tells him that she is ready to see Hannah again. This time she takes Andrew Berryman, a neurologist who also helped her with the Robert Poole case in Tuesday’s Gone. Jude, the woman who is some kind of secretary for Levin, is not happy that Frieda has included someone in Frieda’s confidence, but Frieda won’t have a no for an answer. I wonder what Frieda wants Dr Berryman for. I imagine she wants to give her his diagnosis of Hannah and her condition. This story is already gripping, which is not a surprise at all, as I have enjoyed the other previous five books greatly. I imagine that Dean Reeves will make his appearance soon or at least Frieda will feel his presence, and we know that in the last book he stole the keys Josef had for Frieda’s house, pretending to be a co-worker, so he must have the keys cut, so now he has access to Frieda’s home, which is quite scary.



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