After Hello 3 – The End


This is a really sweet story, and I can’t complain about the end.

After Rachel sees Ben and Esther together, she is not happy, but she does her best to keep up appearances for Mindy’s sake. Yet, he doesn’t reply to Ben’s texts. Then when she returns home, she and Ben have a tremendous fight. She accuses him of having designs for Esther, and Ben defends himself, telling her that what she saw was totally innocent and he and Esther were with two other colleagues, but they had gone. In the end Ben sees he can’t win, so he simply goes jogging, and Rachel goes to find her friends. After talking to Caroline and Mindy, Rachel admits that she might have overreacted. Then when she returns home, she and Ben are able to have a civilised conversation. Ben repeats something that Caroline and Mindy told her: things are going so well between them that subconsciously Rachel wanted an excuse to create some conflict. Rachel also confesses that she has been afraid that her actions might come back to her, and even though she wasn’t the reason why Ben left his wife, she feels life might want to put her in the position of the spurned lover. I am glad that Ben and Rachel were able to talk and open up.

The end is Mindy’s wedding. At the reception Ben and Rachel dance, and as they talk, Rachel teases him about his words about marriage. Then Ben caves in and tells her that he was only trying to fob her off, but he had plans to propose to her. He had everything planned for a romantic surprise, but now the surprise is ruined, but even so, it is romantic anyway. Rachel tells her that she won’t accept until he asks her properly, and that is the end of the novella.

I loved it. I am glad to have read more about Ben and Rachel because I really loved them in the novel.



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